November 09, 2014

Designing mosaik pattern

when I have no special artistic capabilities is something of challenge !!!!

My first attempt at a mosaic design was not particularly nice, because I "just" had placed the five different colours more or lesser regularly around with an equal distribution between the chosen colours. 

The day after my first design attempt I went to work having a Marimekko knit sweater on. Safely arrived at work, I noticed that this Marimekko sweater was the solution to my mosaic design problem !!! Back home again, the sweater was located next to the computer, where I started making my mosaic pattern to the kitchen using this Marimekko sweater as inspiration.

So finally I could hand in the final order on ceramic tiles including some extra pieces to Dorthe Hansen. A total of 140 tiles were ordered in the following colours:

  • 24 ice blue
  • 26 sea blue
  • 47 sea green
  • 29 Spring Green
  • 14 elderflower
So now I am waiting with as much patience as possible for these tiles to be finished, so they can be put up on the walls of my new kitchen.

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