November 07, 2014

Living room full of kitchen elements

These images remind me of various makeovers in magazines, where you see a woman before and after such a make-over transformation !

This morning I had a big empty living room floor after I had carried all dining chairs upstairs and pushed the dinning table aside into a corner. And now I have a living room that filled with various kitchen elements and new white goods. This is good signal, as it means that the installation of my new kitchen is approaching with great speed. It only took the driver 30 minutes to fill my kitchen living room up.

I also received a phone call this morning from the kitchen company concerning the installation of the kitchen sink in granite table top as it was causing great problems, in fact so great that, that granite table top was broken ! So I went by stone cutter to look at a new solution for installation of the kitchen sink. The table top with the kitchen sink will therefore be delayed 2-3 weeks, but I will be supplied with stand-in table top with sink, which I can use until a new granite tabletop with kitchen sink is ready for installation.

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