November 03, 2014

Local sand storm in the kitchen

Finally the day arrived, where the bricklayer finally knocked on my front door to get on with his part of the Project Kitchen. Originally the bricklayer should have been starting on his part of the job Wednesday last week, when the agreement was Friday last week. On Friday afternoon, when I came back from work, the bricklayer still had not done his part of the job. Here I hit the orange level on my temper !!!!

In my project planning was added 4 days for the bricklayer´s part of the work according to his wish, when the electrician should have access to the kitchen. And are all the various kitchen parts should be delivered later this week.

10 minutes after I had left my message on the answering machine belonging to the bricklayer regarding various deadlines, so I was called back by the bricklayer. There would be two men today Monday morning at 7:00. It was perfectly OK with me, but I told the bricklayer that I would wait for men to appeared, before that I went to work. The bricklayer said, that I should just drive to work, but not on terms would I leave my house, before I had seen these people !!!! The bricklayer answered that the men would be at my front door at 7:00, but the time would be 7.15, if the traffic was heavy. It was perfectly OK with me, I would just wait for them. At that time I felt that the bricklayer had crept into shelter under his desk in the tone of his voice.

The bricklayers knocked on my front door at 7:10, when we had a brief talk about the job in my kitchen: Dismantling of wall tiles, removal of floor tiles and final installation of new tile floor. At 9:30 my cell phone rang, the bricklayer was in the other end. The ordered floor tiles has not arrived !!!! They would be expres-delivered tomorrow morning Tuesday, so he would like, if the electricians could start on his part of the work today.

The final agreement is that the electrician starts tomorrow morning Tuesday, he calls the bricklayer, when he is finished. When the bricklayers comes running with speed with the floor tiles and quick-drying glue (which I should not pay for), and everything could be in place for Wednesday.

I do not feel sorry for the bricklayer and his expenses for fast drying glue, as he could have kept the original agreement and turned up last Wednesday !!!

Meanwhile, Hannibal the Cat and I are enjoying the huge amount of dust located everywhere in the kitchen-living room. The beauty of such a dust layer is that you can easily see where the dust is, when you clean it away:-)

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