November 23, 2014

PINK afternoon tea 2014

Hostess's gifts

MEGA - MEGA MANY THANKs to all of my amazing girls friends, who took part this afternoon in my third pink fund-raising afternoon tea for their support, generosity and positive response to my invitation.

Together we have donated an amazing 500 DKK, which has been transferred to, as this charity is accepting any amount of money without demands to specific value compared to other charities here in Denmark, which "demand" certain specific amount of money.

The afternoon started in my new kitchen, where very single drawer was carefully examined by my good girl friends. Afterwards we moved into the dining table, which was filled with all plenty of baked goods.

It turned out to be something of afternoon tea, as two of my girls friends were telling they were moving on with new job opportunities !!! I am so excited on their behave, I wish both of you all the best with these new job positions :-)

It had been something of a challenge to bake in my new oven for the very first time !!! The baking time is quiet longer in the new oven compared to my old oven, so I have to learn to increase the oven temperature with approx 10'C or increase the baking time with 10-20 minutes.

The first eatable stuff on the menu was a Christmas flavoured scones with plenty of butter, various spices, orange peel and sucat. Wonder taste & texture :-)

The cake of the afternoon tea menu was a mixture between a brownie and a muffin in form of brownie-muffin, which has an excellent chocolate taste.

The other cake part was a Christmas cheese cake, where I had just added cherry sauce as topping on a classic cheese cake recipe.

The third cake was a tea bread with more than a touch of Christmas.

For the small sweet tooth I have made caramels with cashew nuts and sea salt and German version of "brunkager" (brown Christmas cookies).

All the many recipes will be a part of the coming Christmas Calender 2014, so this PINK afternoon tea has giving me a good boost of blog posts.

Even though I have asked my good girls friends NOT to bring any hostess gifts with them for this PINK afternoon tea, some of them came along with some home-made Christmas cookies, quince candy, crisp bread and some lovely liquorice tea - I will enjoy all these wonderful gifts :-)

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