November 28, 2015

Creation of marzipan horn

During the Winter season Tuesday evening is normally my "evening off", as I am busy with in-door rowing and water ballet Monday - Thursday during a normal work week. However, Tuesday evening this week I had signed up for an "evening class" at Vanilla (patisserie in Vejle), where you could learn how to make a marzipan horn for New Years Eve.

We started off by getting a lump of marzipan mass of 485 g, which were divided into 11 portion of various sizes. Each portion should when by hand be rolled and shaped into different shapes, mostly cigar forms.

I was standing next to a man, who just was doing this very easy and neat. Somehow during the evening, he told that he had a back ground as baker. No wonder, why his marzipan horn was looking a million compared to mine !

During the baking the smaller marzipan parts should be placed on the inner part of the baking part, so they get less heat.

While the marzipan part were baking we had a go at making various chocolate part for the decoration of the marzipan horn. This is not one of my key competency areas. The chocolate was running over the top of the decoration "cornet", so I had chocolate on my hands and every where than on the decoration drawings.

After the baking process it was time for decoration the marzipan parts with the icing sugar. 

My capabilities of controlling the icing sugar pattern is another area of improvement. At least you can see, that I did the decoration myself without any assistance.

And when it is was time for putting all the different marzipan part together two and two using melted chocolate as glazing.

On my first attempt I managed to make a horn with hump !!!!

So I divided two part of the horn and turned them opposite, and finally I got the desired shape of a scorpion with a twist of the tale :-)

The marzipan horn is now stored in the freezer, so it will ready to welcome the arrival of the New Year.

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