November 15, 2015

Food shopping in Malmö

Recently I went to Malmö on a business trip. In order not to arrive to late at the customer meeting I scheduled into some extra time. The traffic was running smooth, so I had 1½ hour, which I could spend in a big supermarket more or less next to the customer location.

I went around in this supermarket for 1 hour trawling all the shelves being amazed about the selections, which is so much bigger than in a usual Danish supermarket. On top of this the prices were lower, as the Swedish kroners have 80% the value of Danish kroners !

So I could feel a shopping basket with breakfast cereals, olives, baking stuff, dried mulberries, mixture of raisins and mulberries, chai mix.

Much of the bake stuff will come in hand for the upcoming Christmas time :-)

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