November 19, 2015

Crazy about Kähler

I am crazy about the ceramics by Kähler (most of it), so when the art club at work made an arrangement at the shop Kähler and Friends, I was almost the first person to sign up !

The programme was a talk about the history of Kähler combined with enjoying tapas with some wine. After this we could go into the shops, where we would get 20% discount on our shopping !!!

You have to imaging how 30 persons (mostly females) were running over the street between the 2 Kähler shops, touching everything, checking their smart phones for various Christmas gift wishing lists, finally dragging their big shopping bags with them afterwards. And yes, I was one of the females in behaviour :-)

On my wish list (for myself) I had written down the new Urbania houses for tea light.

However, I also found a new green vase for green vase collection together with a tea light holder made in bone china (Stella).

Below you can find photos of the various displays in the shops together with a photo of my shopping basket.

Content of my shopping backet

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