November 06, 2015

Kitchen shopping in Alsace

Some part of my Summer vacation I spend in the lovely Alsace. We went by car, so it was very easy to fill up the car with kitchen stuff brought in one of the big French supermarkets. I can easily spend hours in such a big supermarket with both food and non-food departments, where you so many interesting things. After the first 30 minutes I "parked" my mother on a bench, as she got tried to looking into cheese, dairy, jam and bakery products.

So what kind of thins could I not live without ?

  • French magazine called "Patisserie" full of cake recipes in French full of great looking photos. I assume Google translate can help baking some of these cakes ?
  • buckwheat flour, as this is much cheaper to buy in France compared to Denmark
  • flour mixture for Kougelkopf cake, a cake speciality from Alsace
  • yellow plastic container for storage of lemon and lime
  • purple plastic container for storage of onion

  • silicone form of miniature kougelkopf cakes
  • silicone form for eclairs
  • jam glasses in two sizes
  • various French jams

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