September 22, 2016

Finding and picking sloe at Vejle Fjord

Finally I have located and picked sloe berries, which has been on my wish list for the last couple of years. I located this sloe berries in connection with a small walk to Træskohage Fyr after the Sunday afternoon coffee at Hotel Vejlefjord. I has always been too late, when I have located sloe in Autumn, so the birds have found the sloe berries, before I came around. However, this year I beat the birds !!!

I was not prepared at all for finding these sloe berries, so I had no idea about the volumes, which I need to pick. Together with my fellow rowers I picked ½ l sloe berries, before one of the rowers mentioned, that I only needed around 20 sloe berries to make sloe gin !!! Having check the internet you need around 500 g sloe for 1 l of gin.

After cleaning the sloe I have placed them in the freezer, where they await the next step, which actually to make the sloe gin.

Along this coast line I found sloe

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