September 21, 2016

Sunday afternoon coffee at Vejle Fjord

Last Sunday we were a group of rower from Vejle Roklub, who meet in our local rowing club at noon for a special rowing tour. The plan was to row from Vejle to Hotel Vejlefjord in order to enjoy their Sunday coffee, a distance of 14 km out and 14 km back. However, the wind was coming from East and was quiet strong, so after 1 hours row we had managed to row 5 km instead of the ususal 7-8 km. Therefore we returned to the rowing club and decided to drive out to Hotel VejleFjord.

The Sunday coffee cost 115 kr/person and included all the cake, which you can eat and all the coffee, which you can drink. And there is plenty of different cakes to eat. So this is sort of big value for your money.

The cake buffet looks great as starting point, the big BUT from my point of view is, that the cakes served were quiet similar to the baking pan cakes (brandepandekager), which you can bake yourself.

The cakes tasted good, but I as missing the extra taste touch, so I did not go away with any inspiration for my own baking. I was also missing the grand cakes with different layers of mousse and cake cream and fantastic decoration. The cakes could have been small pastries cakes.

So I left with a plain impression, nothing was wrong, but I had expected something more grand in look and taste.

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