September 06, 2016

Food shopping on Samsø

Saturday my mother and I made a one-day trip to the island of Samsø using the factor, that the ferry tickets to and from  the Danish islands have been reduced since mid August. My mother has never been to Samsø, she has only been passing by the habour of Kolby Kås as a child sailing from Jutland to Sealand during the second world war. So now she has seen the island of Samsø from the inside as well.

Besides from spending money on eating we did also bring back from local food of Samsø sush as apple cider, raspberry salad syrup, pickled red beet, picked pumpkin, pickled cucumber and pickled gherkin.

At a local artist (Gurli Hansen) I found this watercolour of a ginger cat, which has the same good look as Hannibal the Cat :-)

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