August 26, 2018

Preparing for Autumn with participation in bread baking course

I started off this weekend by going on break making course with focus on using your stand alone mixer for kneading of bread. So after work, I and my mixer went to this course, which was arranged by a professional baker from my work place. We were a small group off 12 people, which could attend this course.

The aim was to get familiar baking various types of bread using a mixer to do the bad work of dough kneading. During the four hours which was set aside for this course, we managed to knead, raise and bread 3 different types of bread and buns.

We baked baguette type of bread, where the dough also can be used for bun. I completely misunderstood the baguette recipe, so I ended up adding too much flour into my dough, but with the help of the course baker, the recipe was corrected into something pretty good actually.

 We also learned to bake the most fantastic classic buns for tea & coffee, however the dough can also be used for carrot buns.

And finally we baked a bread full of seeds mixture. So now I am prepared for Autumn, which for me is the time of the year, where I start baking much more again.

I will sharing these various recipes with you some time during September.

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