August 10, 2018

"First Preserves - marmelades, jam, chutneys" by Vivien Lloyd

At the Summer preserves course our tutor Vivien Llody was selling her recipe book called "First Preserves - marmalades - jams - chutneys for 10 £. I thought it was a great souvenir and it is handy, so I could bring it back to Denmark in my backpack despite all my shopping for tea and gin in London and some new recipe books found in London with afternoon tea as topic.

I also got a dedication in by our tutor Vivien. Since my return back to Denmark I have actually been using some of the jam recipes making blackcurrant as well as red gooseberry jam without any addition of food ingredients !!!

I have actually found out, that making jam without the use of the wonderful pectin as a food ingredient in powder format, you have to rely on, that the natural pectin content in the fruit is enough for making the gel combined with a very high sugar content, close to 60% of the jam recipe is sugar combined with longer time, before the jam sets in its glass. So it more a challenge for making jam without the use of natural food ingredients and you do not always know for certain, if your jam/jelly will set or not.

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