September 22, 2019

Cake regetta at the rowing club 2019

Yesterday afternoon it was time again for the annual cake regatta at the rowing club. The winner of the previous year´s cake regatta select the time as well as theme for the year´s cake year. And the theme for this year was muffins.

We were a small selected group of four persons, who joined this year´s cake regatta. We started by rowing a tour of 11 km on the Fjord of Vejle, which yesterday as unusual silent/still. After the return to the club is was time for some serious cake tasting. This year we did the tasting with fully open eyes, and after the tasting we pointed at the muffin, which each of us had as preference muffin.

My muffin with apple, cinnamon and oat got a second place.

The winner of the cake regatta was a muffin with rhubarb and macronsm which had a fantastic taste and texture. And I have already good a copy of the recipe from my fellow rowing friends. I am looking forward to test our this muffin recipe in my own kitchen.

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