January 04, 2020

New Year afternoon tea

This afternoon I started of the new year of 2020 with an afternoon tea with New Year as theme for my good friends in Horsens. For me the theme of New Year is something of champagne/sparkling wine and marzipan. Besides from drinking Christmas tea we enjoyed a bottle of sweet champagne.

As usual for afternoon tea we started of with scones, where I had used a combination of sparkling wine and marzipan as main ingredients to make these champagne scones.

After the scone it was time for the cake part, this time in form of cream cheese cake again with sparkling wine and marzipan as main ingredients in form of this Champagne Cheese Cake. I used raspberries for decoration of the cream cheese cake. My friends from Horsens really liked the taste of this cream cheese cake. It is quiet funny to see how the sun light makes shadows on the top of cheese cake.  
After the cheese cake we enjoyed a small cup of champagne sorbet. The texture of this champagne sorbet is very, very soft, so you could scoop the sorbet directly from the freezer. The taste of this champagne sorbet reminded us about the taste of elderflower, which gave me the idea of making elderflower sorbet, which could be served together with a glass of sweet sparkling wine.

Marzipan is on of the main ingredients inside kransekage, so therefore the final part of this afternoon tea was these marzipan cake with nougat filling

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