November 29, 2019

Shopping in Flensburg

Two days my mother and I went on a day trip to Flensburg, where I found various great food items and teas. As usual, when I am in Flensburg I always do some shopping in the German supermarket REWE, as they have some great food specialties.

So here brought various ready-to-eat dessert, cheeses, goat cheesed wrapped in bacon as an appetizer, pasta, dough for flammkuchen and some flavoured chai mixtures, which could be used for making chai ice cream.

I also found a goodie bag full of Italian food stuff.

I also brought some tea from a small tea shop located in Rote Strasse. Two of these teas as teas fitting for the upcoming Christmas time, as one tea is a Flensburger Christmas Tea, the second tea is Wintermärchen and final and third tea is one of my favourite tea type Earl Grey in form of Princess Grey.

Finally I brought two small portions of fruit liqueurs, one with pomegranate and the other with apple & cinnamon. And again a German version of German mulled wine (Punch).

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