November 30, 2019

Christmas market at Trapholt 2019

Today I went to the annual usual Christmas market at Tarpholt, which is an event I always plan to attend from year to year due to the high level of the various participating artists. As usual I was keeping a good eye to the various ceramics, which were a part of the Christmas fair.

At the stand of Lotte Kohl I located a "new" Christmas tree for my collection of ceramic Christmas tree, which plays an important role in my Christmas decoration. Besides from a new Christman three I also brought a a small flower pot as well as two Christmas gifts from my mother to me :-)

At the stand of Aoife Soden Glass I located as well as brought a glass vase, which also a holder for a candle stick.

At the stand of Tina Ferch I found this small collection of ceramic candle stick holders and vases. 

Finally at the shop of Trapholt I found and brought this candle and star shaped candle stick holder.

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