December 01, 2019

Christmas Calendar 2019 Day 1 - Welcome to the Christmas Calendar

Welcome to Christmas Calendar 2019 by Kitchen of Kiki

Another Christmas, where I am spending plenty of wonderful hours in my kitchen filling up all my tins as preparation for Christmas and the coming guests. It is actually my ninth season, where I am creating my very own Christmas Calendar !

As I create these various thing, I will be enjoying a a cup of tea from Carstensens Tehandel as well as a cup of the Christmas calendar from Dammann, which consist of 24 individual small packs :-) I think, that I this Christmas actually will be able to get through the various tea before New Year 2019!
Besides from my two tea Christmas calendars I also have a Christmas calendar with cheese, milk chocolate and marshmallows.

I do not have specific theme for the Christmas Calendar of 2019, which I have been having for some of the other years.

I hope you will look by my kitchen a few times during December or perhaps even every single day :-) to see, what is going on and get inspiration for your own Christmas eatable creations or decorations.

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