December 12, 2019

Christmas Calendar 2019 Day 12 - Pickled red onions with Christmas twist

A lot of the thing, which you made in your kitchen as preparation for Christmas celebration are a lot of sweet stuff. But during the Christmas time you will also eat a lot of Christmas lunches and for this part of Christmas you also need some savoury stuff like these pickled red onions.

The pickled red onions can be used as supplement/garnish/toppings on pickled herrings (very Danish foods for Christmas lunches), meat balls, meat pates etc.

The spices in the sweet vinegar liquid is juniper, black pepper corn and carnation. The use of carnation is really a Christmas spice for me. Some people will spike orange with carnation and use the oranges as part of their Christmas decoration.

I have found this recipe in the weekly magazine "Søndag", and I have made no modification to it.

It is very easy to make these pickled red onions as it does not involve a lot of work in the kitchen. The only thing, which you should prepared yourself for is crying eyes as you slices the red onions into thin slices :-)

Pickled red onions with Christmas twist: - 4 glasses

  • 4 red onions - medium sized
  • 10 black pepper corns
  • 10 carnations
  • 10 junipers
  • 5 dl plain vinegar
  • 5 dl sugar
  • Potassium sorbat - optional
  1. Start by adding boiling water to the glasses.
  2. Peel the red onions, divide each onion into 2, slice each half in thin slices.
  3. Empty the glasses for water.
  4. Add the sliced onions into the glasses.
  5. Divide the spices (carnation, juniper and pepper corns) equal between the glasses.
  6. Heat up the vinegar and sugar, until the sugar is dissolved. Add in potassium sorbat.
  7. Pour the warm vinegar liquid into the glasses.
  8. Close the glasses and store them cold.
  9. Let the red onion pickle for minimum the night over, before you use it.

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