December 23, 2019

Christmas Coffee 2019

In keep with tradition I as usual invited some local friends around my house (and kitchen) for the annual Christmas coffee, so my guests can could help me eating some of the many home-made Christmas calories. It is also great to fill up my kitchen living area with plenty of great friends, talk and laughter during these very short and dark Winter days.

Again with in keep tradition (second year in a row !) I asked in advance my guests, if they would drink tea or coffee (not an option to drink both coffee and tea !!!). I have enough china tea cups, but I needed to borrow china coffee cups from my mother, so all my guests could be served on various blue china pattern.

The liquid part of the "menu" this year was pink glögg together with various Christmas and the classic coffee.

As the eatable part of this Christmas coffee was:

I got some lovely hostess gifts in form of a Christmas decoration with candles, home-made biscottis and home-made Christmas tree made from tree and cornet made from leather. The Christmas tree has found it's place among my other Christmas three made from ceramics. 

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