December 31, 2018

Christmas coffee 2018 for local friends

In connection with Christmas I usual invite some local friends around my house (and kitchen) for an annual Christmas coffee, so my guests can help me to eat some of the many home-made Christmas calories. It is also great to fill up my kitchen living area with plenty of great friends, talk and laughter during these very short and dark Winter days.

This year I had in advance asked my coffee/tea guests, if they would drink tea or coffee (not an option to drink both coffee and tea !!!). I have enough china tea cups tea cups, but I needed to borrow china coffee cups from my mother, so all my guests could be served on various blue china pattern. I also needed to borrow a coffee machine from my mother, as I do not have such equipment being a true tea drinker.

This time I placed the cream cake decorated with whipped cream inside the refrigerator, so Hannibal the Cat did NOT lick the cream, while I was busy with last thing in the kitchen as well as lightning some tea light lamps out at the entrance as welcome to my guests.

The liquid part of the "menu" this time not the usual warm glögg, but instead of Winter cider with a low alcohol content, as the majority of guests were driving. I think, I will serve spiced apple juice another time, as the taste of the cider was too plain for my taste.

As the eatable part of this Christmas coffee was:

One of my my guests had seen my post on Christman bun in kløben style and thought, that I was serving these buns for the Christmas coffee, however these buns were long eaten, so therefore I made a Chritmas version of these our cream buns

The "sweet part" of the Christmas coffee menu was:
And here my Christmas style serving item really could be used as well as admired in all it´s gloria by my guests, who wanted to know, how to get such a item created.

Besides from helping me with eating plenty of Christmas calories, I also got some more items for my Royal Copenhagen China, so my guests could ensure, that there is room for more guests to be invited in the future.

And yes, ladies of Vejle you will be invited again for another round of Christmas coffee in 2019 :-)

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