December 02, 2018

Christmas Calendar 2018 - Apple aqua vita with spices

This recipe on aqua vita with apple and spices I have located in Christmas magazine being a part of the weekly magazine Søndag. This recipe required a total of  4 weeks storage time, so you have start this aqua vita as soon as possible, if you want to enjoy it for some of the many Christmas lunches. In the original recipe the applied apples is cox orange, which I was not able to located. However, one of my work colleagues had pigeon apples, which really is the apple for Christmas, and here I was lucky enough to get some of these apples.

Another great tasting aquavita for Christmas is this aquavit made on orange peel.This aquavita also takes some time to make, so again here I would recommend you to get start now, so you can enjoy the aquavita for one of ýour Christmas lunches.

As I like to experiment, I decide only to use ½ bottle of vodka, so I still have a remaining ½ bottle of vodka to use for another Christmas aquavita, so you have to look by closer to Christmas.

Apple Aquavita with spices: - ½ portion
  • ½ bottle of vodka (35 cl)
  • 4 pigeon apples - cut into small boat shape
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 4 cloves
  • 2 star anise
  1. Prepare the storage glass by adding boiling water to it.
  2. Empty the storage glass for the water.
  3. Add the apple boats and the spices into the storage glass.
  4. Pour the vodka on top and close the glass.
  5. Place the storage dark for 2 weeks.
  6. Pass the vodka through a sieve in order to remove the apples and spices.
  7. Pour the Christmas aqua vita into a glass bottle.
  8. Let the Christmas aqua vita rest for another 2 weeks, before you can enjoy it for a Christmas lunch.

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