December 29, 2018

Christmas lunch for the Wonderful Women 2018


The annual Christmas lunch for "The Wonderful Women" took place yesterday afternoon for an almost complete group of great girl friends this year :-)

As usual we had the usual tapas selection from Osteriet together with some home-made cooking pot bread with a twist of brown sugar & maple syrup.

As usual we started off with alcohol-free drinks to say "merry Christmas", as most of the guests had to drive back home in their cars. This drink in form of  raspberry-lemon lemonade needs some serious flavour adjustments, as it was mostly like a sweet lemon soft drink !!! So plenty of room for improvement in the coming year of 2019.

The tradition also describes, that we have to play the gift play (pakkeleg in Danish) using a specific card game, so no dices as normal. All participants bring between 2-8 gifts, and in the card game you either end up with most of the gifts or not gifts at all.

Actually we are very trendy with our sustainable approach to playing "pakkeleg" as our presents have NOT been brought for this specific event, but they can be everything from your cupboard such as DVDs, paperbacks, ugly Christmas decorations, beers close to end of shelf-life and candy :-)

We have also learned, that we have to give approx 3 gifts to each participants as starting point to avoid, that either one ends up with all the gifts, or that the table ends with all the gift.

We still need to get the text on one of the play card rewritten, as it has a text, saying you should give a gift to each person under the age of 25 years, so here we are awaiting the new card text to be made, lets hope it will be ready for next years Christmas lunch.  

As usual we spend some great hours in good company getting up to date with each others lifes :-)

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