December 15, 2018

Christmas market at Fulby ceramic

Saturday one week ago my mother and I had a tour to Sealand visting both some old family members of my mother, Sorø kunstmuseum and the Christmas market at Fulby ceramic

Ever since I first meet Fulby ceramic at CLAY I have been impress by their ceramic pitcher, which are cut open after the first of the process to add in pour spout as well as the handle. However, all these ceramic pitchers were sold out, when I saw the exhibition at CLAY.

However, my mother located, that the ceramic workshop of Fulby was/is open in the week-ends in the run up to Christmas, therefore we decided to drive by to have a look. 
This time I did not buy any ceramic vases at all !!! BUT I found a small ceramic pitcher and flower bulb pot, and yes both ceramics have the colour of green :-)

The Christmas fair in also open is this weekend.

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