December 27, 2018

Aqua vitas for Christmas lunch

Tomorrow the annual Christmas lunch for the wonderful women will take place, and in this connection I have prepared the following aqua vitas with Christmas as theme:

The menu will be the "usual theme" in form of cheese tapas from Osteriet, as I think we all more or less have been eating the herrings and pig stuff, which we need for the remaining part of 2018 at the many previous Christmas lunches.

All the participants will bring a selection of various presents, which we use for another very Danish Christmas tradition in form of "pakkeleg". The presents will be, that we can find as "leftovers" spare parts in our various cupboards. So no demands with regards to value of the actual gift, but the more gifts the better. I have been "winning" stuff such as empty Christmas beer bottle, ingredients for red cabbage salad, books, DVDs etc, so you never know, what will be inside the presents :-)

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