November 28, 2019

Shopping in Carstensens Tehandel

Today my mother and I went on a tour to Aabenraa to look at the city center as well as have some lunch on this dark, rainy and very gray day.

A must do thing, when you are in Aabenraa, you really have to visit Carstensens Tehandel, which is an excellent tea shop.

Here I brought two teas for my tea cup. The first was off cause a Christmas tea based on black tea. The second tea is another black tea called "Miss Marples tea pie" for perhaps, when I enjoy the nice crime novel.

I also located some candies pomerans and sukat, which I plan to use for some upcoming Christmas baking, which could be something like these spicy scones with dried fruits or these kløben buns. Also a small glass of cherry jam found it's way to my kitchen.

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