November 22, 2019

Double knitting sample

At the knitting festival in Horsens in October I participated in a work shop on double knitting (besides from the work shop on Neverkont knit).
Double knitting is, that the pattern on the back side is the negative side of the pattern on the front side.

At the work shop I was knitting with two green colours, which were very close to each, so it was difficult to see the pattern. Therefore I decided to try this double knitting again, this time in two colour having some colour difference like this light and dark blue, and as you can see, it is more easy to see the pattern now.  lt to see the actual pattern.

This way of knitting requires a lot of attention, as the yarn is either behind or in front of the knit mask, so I am not planning to do any big knit project in double pattern. It could be interesting to knit a smaller shawl in double knit, as you when will get a shawl with two different colour schemes.

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