January 26, 2021

Make Nine 2021 - knitting project aspirations

On a knitting vlog, which I watch during Christmas time, I noticed the, what some knitters had made a Make Nine plan for an upcoming new year. I found this to be a great idea, as it would bring me some structure to all the many knitting ideas, which I collect in magazine, online knitting shops and knitting vlogs. 

So for this brand new year of 2021 I have my Make 2021 plan on a piece of carton, which you can see a photo above. Next to the project, there is two small boxes. The upper box is named WIP (Work in Progress), and here I can place a cross as well as the date, when I start on the specific knitting project. The lower box is named FO (Finished Object), where I again to make a cross and write the date, when I have finished the knitting of the specific project. 

For my Make None 2021 I have decided to knit from nine different designer, so I can get around instead of just knitting from more or less one knit designers. My list looks like this:

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