January 18, 2021

Knitting projects finished during 2020


Sallys knit cap - no fur top

knit cap with fur top in curry & dark red

2020 turned out to be a year, where corona was setting the agenda in so many ways. For me it meant, that I spend a lot of days working from home as well as evening spend at home due to the closure of cinemas, cafes etc. As "entertainment" I spend a lot of my spare time knitting various projects.  

Looking at my knitting projects at Ravelry, I can see, that I have finished the knitting of  three knit caps, one knit dress, three Summer tops, one poncho and four sweaters. For the knitting of all these projects I have used 21.440 m of.

For 2021 I have made a wish list over knitting projects, which I would like to do in form of Make Nine 2021. I will share this list quiet soon :-)

Here below you can photos of my various 2020 knitting projects:

Sunday Tee by PetiteKnit - the trouble maker on knitting firmness

Vibe Summer dress - knitting & re-knitting, it took almost forever

Striber på langs by PetiteKnit - great for walks during Autumn & Winter

Raglangenser by Sandnes - colour magic

Silke sweater by Katrine Hannibal - light & warm favourite

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