November 18, 2020

Raglangenser is finished


I have finished the knitting of "Raglangenser", this is really the advantages of knitting with the knitting needle size 6.5, here things just happens !!! 

This most amazing thing for me is knitting the sweater really is, that the combination of three colours of light grey, petrol and olive green when knitted together ends up in a green colour. 

In the recipe the yarn amount was estimated to 15 x 25 g yarn wrench for my size, however I have managed to knit the sweater from 10½ x 25 g yarn wrench, so I am left 1½ yarn wrench of each colour. One of my thoughts is to use the left-over yarn for a new knit cap.

I have paid 1095 DKK (145 €) for the yarn and recipe, however the cost turned out to be lower.

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