November 04, 2020

Poncho blouse is finished


Yes, I have finished my knitting  of the poncho, where I have located the recipe in the weekly magazine "Hendes Verden (issue 15/2020). As yarn I have used "Tibet" from Cewec in the colour of green. "Tibet" is made from 24% yak, 55% merino wool and 21% polyamid. I have brought this specific yarn during Spring time. I have paid 448 DKK (59 €) for the yarn.

In total I have used 200 g yarn to knit this poncho blouse, so it a very light blouse to wear. The poncho has two tight fitted arms, which makes it into a poncho blouse, which makes it very easy to wear. 

After having used knitting needles in the size of 4.5, it is now time for a new knitting project, where I will use knitting needles in the size of 6.5, which gives a lot of progress in no time. My next project is a Sandnes sweater with yarn in three colours.

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