November 19, 2020

Starting on Silke sweater by Önling

After I have finished the knitting of "Raglangenser" it is time for getting some new knitting projects started. During the Summer I brought a Onling Summer knit box. Originally my plan was to use the Önling Yarn No 12  (mixture of 55% wool & 45% cotton) to knit the Sunday Tee.

However during my my first Summer vacation I found some Isager bomulin yarn, which I decided to use instead of.  One of the reason for my changed mind, was that I was struggling with the knit firmness using this Önling Yarn No 12. Below you can actually the other part of Sunday Tee knitted in both types of yarn. 

Since I finished the knitting of the Sunday Tee in the yellowish bomulin yarn, I have been speculating what to this use this wool & cotton yarn for. Now I have decided to knit the Silke sweater in this yarn. And yes, I have made a test of knitting firmness. Instead of using knitting needle in size 3.5, I have to use knitting needles in size 3 to get the right knitting firmness, so this is not to bad.

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