January 20, 2021

Sunday Sweater Mohair - getting started


During the week of Autumn vacation here in Denmark I did a yarn shopping expedition to Nykøbing Mors together with a old school of mine.

Here I brought a combination of Single Merino in the colour called "Tigerdyr" made by I's Yarn together with Sandness tynd silk mohair in yellow, which I will use for Sunday mohair edition by PetiteKnit. I paided 1090 DKK for the yarn for this new project, which is the first of my Make Nine 2021 knitting project.

My first step in starting on this new knitting project is to test my knitting firmness according to the recipe. I usual test one needle size lower, ½ needle size lower and when the original needle size.
In this case I "only" had to use ½ needle size lower, so this is not to bad.

When I needed the Sunday Tee I really struggled with knitting firmness, and I knitted quiet some part of this tee, and it did not look right. Here I checked and re-checked and even washed the knitting test. Here I had to use a knitting needle obe size lower, so instead of knitting needle size 3, I knitted the entire tee on knitting needle size 2 !!!!

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