March 26, 2020

"Striber på langs" sweater is finished

Finished "Striber på langs" sweater
The time runs faster, when you have a knitting project to spend your spare time with during the time of corona. No time spend on rowing, which is vast right here and now with the sunny and quiet Spring weather, which we have here in Denmark or going to the cinema, theater, water ballet equal a LOT of "free" time.
"Striber på langs" sweater before
washing and pressing

It is means, that I have finished my "Striber på langs" sweater. After the washing of the sweater you need to press it into measurements.

The yarn costed me 693 DKK (= 92€) to make this sweater. And the knit recipe costed 40 DKK (=5.30 €).

So, now I can start on a new knitting project :-) I think, I will look at the various yarns, which I brought at the knitting festival in Horsens here in February, perhaps the Summer dress.

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