March 28, 2021

Easter Calendar 2021 - Palm Sunday - knitting a bread napkin

Well, the first entire into my Easter Calendar 2021 is a home-made, but it is not an eatable treat in form of neither Easter marzipan eggs or cakes. It is knitted napkin for a bread basket, which is knitted from 8/8 cotton in the classic Easter colour of yellow. The knitting is done on knitting needles in size 4.5, therefore it takes no time to knit this napkin.

The pattern is free available (in Danish) from here: brød serviet, and it is knitted in a pattern called dandelion. I have brought the cotton from from Karen Klarbæk together with various other types of yarn. You need 2½ skeins to knit this bread napkin in the original size of 41 x 41 cm, so I spend 60 DKK on yarn to buy 3 skeins. 

Besides from knitting one bread napkin for myself, I have also knitted one for my mother. 

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