March 27, 2021

Welcome Easter Calendar 2021


Welcome to Easter Calendar 2021

Easter is just about to start. In Denmark we have public Easter holiday in form of 5 Easter days incl. two days in the week-end (Thursday - Monday). The schools are closed the three days just before Easter, so so many Danes will have  vacation as a family in this upcoming week.

Again, this Easter like in 2020 will be different compared to previous years due to the still on-going corona virus. It is almost  impossible to travel outside Denmark in connection with Easter, and many European countries are yet another lock-down.

So, while keeping distance to each, you can still spend time in your kitchen making various Easter treats for your family.

As usual I will be celebrating the Easter with a small Easter calendar, where I will share a recipe from my kitchen on each of the Easter days. I hope you will look from time to time, so I am busy with in my little kitchen. 

And the first blog post for the Easter Calendar 2021 will be tomorrow Palm Sunday :-)

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