February 28, 2012

Shopping for snow drops

The outcome of shopping for my little garden

Which Hellebore to choose ?
This week-end my mother and I went shopping for some new snow drops for my garden at the nursery called Gartneriet Spiren located close to Skælskør on Sealand. This nursery also has a large production of Hellebore in many different variations.

As I already have quiet many very dark coloured Hellebore I found some Hellebore plants with white and green flower, either as single flower or double flower. I will post some pictures later on, when I have planted them.

Wonderful display of snow drops and Hellebore (Easter bells) at Gartneriet Spiren

This double flower snow drop I got in 2011 from a colleague´s  garden
Sunday afternoon I was actual able to sit outside in my garden drinking a nice cup of tea, while I enjoyed the on-going blooming. It was such a beautiful winter day or perhaps I should rather write spring day with plenty of sun shine and no wind at all.

I took a close look at the snow drops and winter aconite being blooming.

Snow drops sun bathing
So now I have locate some "free" spots in my garden, where I can plant the new snow drops
Winter aconite in sunny "face"

Crocus in the grass
I also spotted some crocus popping their heads up in my lawn, so now I have to be careful, while walking on the grass. I have a dream about my lawn should look like Hyde Park during spring time with tons of crocus.At the time being I have planted 500 crocus in the lawn, so this spring I have to see, where more crocus are needed.

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