February 20, 2012

Fastlavnsbolle buffet

Continuing a "strong" tradition of only one episode within my work group (being the chocolate cake competition), a colleague and I decided to challenge the rest of colleague with "Fastlavnsbolle" competition. We decided to split the competition into a decoration part and a taste part.

We were four person out of approx 20 colleagues with Danish and Mexican background, who participated in this very first "Fastelavnsbolle" 2012 competition.

It was great to see, how my Mexican colleague had translate the Danish Fastelavnsbolle into his very own version of bun dough with a mix of cream, yogurt, coconut and pineapple !!!! He actually won the part relating to decoration of the bun.

Another colleague with a un-decorated bun (playing on the naturalness) won the competition on taste.

I became a strong number two in both decoration and taste part, so therefore I have decided (on my very own), that I was the overall winner/creator of this Fastelavnsbolle 2012 title !!!!!!

Below you can see my plate with my selection of all the different Fastelavnsboller, mine is the bun with lilac sugar coating.

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