February 09, 2012

Product test 6 - Urtekram dinner kit Morocco meal

I have been taking another step towards the finishing line trying the entire range of dinner kits from Urtekram, the first being whole grain lasagna and the second being chicken with cinnamon and curry . And the third box tested in my kitchen is Morocco meal made with yet another portion of chicken, as I could not find any fresh lamb in the supermarket. For me the suggestion of using pork meat is not the best recommendation having the idea of Morocco in mind !!!

I used a mix of tomatoes, squash and carrots as vegetable in this dish. And again I find he entire cooking time of 20 minutes after addition of the vegetables is too long, if you prefer NOT to have over-boiled vegetable. So here I would suggest 15 minutes instead of.

For me Morocco food is interesting flavour combination of lemon, mint, raisins and cinnamon. This dinner kit is NOT fulfilling these expectation of mine, the flavour is not really there as all, just being very boring.

Asking myself again, would I pay full price for this Morocco meal dinner kit ? And again my answer would be NO.

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