February 21, 2012

Status on afternoon tea with focus on liquorice

I spend a fantastic, interesting and wonderful afternoon tea with focus on liquorice last Sunday with two good friends from Horsens, where we taste our way through various tea and savoury and sweet baked food. I actually managed to saturate my tea friends with liquorice and yet some more liquorice.

Wonder if English readers of this blog now will become angry with me for making liquorice the theme for this afternoon tea ?

Below you can see the three different liquorice teas, which were served in the tea pot during this afternoon:
  • Top - middle: Tea Lounge - Liquorice Love from Urtekram - liquorice root, anise seed, peppermint, lemon, star anise, basil. This tea is too herbal for me and my guests. 
  • Bottom - left: Black tea with liquorice root, anise seeds and liquorice flavour from my local tea pusher Luka. This tea was my as well as mine guests favourite
  • Bottom - right: Be Cool from Kusmi Tea - rosehipseed, apple, verbena leaves, peppermint, anise seeds and liquorice roots. This tea would be good at another occasion, but not for afternoon tea with focus on liquorice, as the liquorice taste is not strong enough.
After having filled our taste buds and stomach with all these liquorice thing, one of my tea guest had an urgent need for drinking some more normal tea, so a tea pot of Earl Grey was sincerely requested. As I have a collection of 5 different Earl Grey tea, this gave us the idea of making a new afternoon tea session having focus on Earl Grey, where I will be bringing all these Earl Grey version with me to the tea table in Horsens.

If I have some French readers out in the virtual world, I believe, that they will now put my blog and I on "Persona Non Grata -list", so I will never be able to receive any French honour at all !!!! As there was some leftovers of the sparkling wine from the Valentine sparkling cocktail, we decided to make a mix of sweet liquorice syrup and sparkling wine !!!!!

Ups, yes we did our very best to ruin the good sparkling wine and turned it into a drink with a sour beer taste. So never ever try this out in your own kitchen. Keep these two ingredients away from each other !!!!!

Lets see, if I can manage to unit the English and French with these two attacks of mine on their traditions ???

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