February 12, 2012

Afternoon tea with focus on liquorice

This afternoon I will be serving afternoon tea for two good friends, where the focus will be on liquorice, actually a lot of liquorice, and a little bit of Valentine Romance. Already now people working within the health care will start to see major health problems in form of increased blood pressure from this intake of liquorice. However, we as Danes needs to increase/adjust our blood pressure in order to survive the depressing winter season with reduced sun light !!!!
My foreign working colleagues were very disgusted, when I shared this afternoon tea menu with them, they simply DO NOT understand the Danish pleasure of liquorice.

When Hannibal the Cat noticed, that I was laying out the tea table, he decided to join in being an important part of the decoration. One of my two tea friends is suffering from allergy against animals, so he is a very special good friend of Hannibal the Cat, who always concentrate his attention on him.

The menu for this afternoon tea is:

I am first publishing this post, when my tea guests are arriving, as I know they are regular readers, so I would like to keep the menu a secret until they are actually in-side my kitchen. And I will be sharing all the different recipe in the coming days.
We have a saying here in Denmark: When the cat is washing their fur, you will get guests. Yes, it is true :-)

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