February 10, 2012

Tea tasting at Simply Tea

What did you learn in tea school (today) ? 

We have a Danish song, where the sentence "what did you learn in school today ?" is repeat over and over again.

In beginning of February I went to tea school together with some good tea friends of mine having a tea tasting session at Simply Tea in Århus. The school leader is Alexis Kaae, the owner of Simply Tea.

So what did I learn in tea school ?
  • Use the correct water temperature for your tea - depends on the tea type - temperature between 40-100'C. 
  • Use soft water = water with a very low calcium content. So buy "soft" bottle water for white, green and yellow !!! Black tea should be OK with more hard water which means I still use the tap water in my kitchen, as I black tea drinker.
  • You can re-use high quality tea between 4-8 time, just adding new water into the tea pot.
  • Green and white tea energise you, while black tea calms you. Perhaps this is the explanation, why I such a big fan of black tea, as I have enough energy on my own.
  • I really dislike Japanese tea due to the strong flavour of spinach.
  • The white, yellow and green tea is too sophisticate for my taste buds. I personally prefer the more "plain" flavour of black tea, and addition of various flavouring oils like in Earl Grey is just perfect for me and my tea pot.

A part of the tasting session was afternoon tea meal should be served as well. As I came directly from work, I had not eaten any evening meal, so I had some expectation about this afternoon tea meal being my evening meal.

Yes, we were served egg sandwich and salmon sandwich, scones with whipped cream and jam, macaroon made with green tea. And finally a cookie containing Earl Grey.
However, the amount of food a little low in my opinion, if you have had no evening meal.

I went home a tin of white tea flavoured with jasmine flowers, as I am flower power girl :-) I will keep you posted on, how I evaluate this tea.

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  1. Hi ! I am looking forward to drink afternoon tea with you and your taste buds tomorrow Sunday. The focus will here in black tea and spices blends with liquorice notes. See you :-) Kirsten


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