May 09, 2012

First activity in the kitchen garden

Raspberry bush in full growth
The various plants in my kitchen garden are now showing the first activity. The raspberry bush is full of green leaves as well as showing plenty of places, where the raspberries will be growing later in this season.

All the potato pots are a show-off of potatoes with green leaves growing from day to day.
Potatoes 3 weeks after planting
Both my apples trees are so beautiful to look at right now with their beautiful apple blossom. Hopeful my little apple tree will provided me with more than just ONE apple this season compared to last summer. And if my family apple tree will give ONE apple this year, I will be more than happy, as it will be the first apple at all, since I planted this tree 2½ year ago.
The little apple tree in bloom

Wonderful apple blooms

Apple blooms getting ready on the family 

And as usual my rhubarbs are in full activity again, so I am planning to harvest some rhubarb tomorrow. I can always count on my rhubarb as "supplier" for my little kitchen.
Full activity among the rhubarbs

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