May 05, 2013

Champagne dinner at Serafina White Plains

Serafina Champagne Cocktail
During my stay in White Plains, New York, I also had the opportunity to have dinner at Serafina. This evening was a much bigger success, than the dinner at Ruth´s Chris Steakhouse due to several reasons.

A good colleague of mine approached me, before we entered the restaurant, and told me, that she would like to start the dinner with a cocktail :-) So the two of us grab the seats on a round couch and afterwards informed the other people coming to sit next to us, that we intended to drink cocktails. Luckily the other people were had similar attitude and happily joined us in our cocktail spirit.

So the entire table ordered a Serafina Champagne Cocktail, which was made from champagne (big surprise having the name in mind !), Grey Goose Vodka la Poire, St Germain and fresh raspberries. In my drink the raspberries looked more to be strawberries, but the taste was great :-) Any thing with champagne or sparkling wine and you can count me in being a "champagne lady".

As the non-liquid starter I went for bruschetta. OK taste and as usual in the USA huge portion !!! However, if you have not taken the portion yourself, you are allow to leave some left overs (my own private motto, when I do not finish the served portion).

For the main course I was not in doubt at all !!! Risotto "Veuve Clicquot" was selected being a "champagne lady". So risotto made with champagne and black truffles. I just love risotto. A simple, but very tasty main course.

Risotto "Veuve Clicquot"
And when I saw the dessert menu card, I knew at once, that I wanted for dessert !!! What else than Sgroppino, which is scoop of lemon sorbet, touch of vodka and topped with champagne.

So having an entire meal with champagne as important part of both the starter, main course and dessert, was fitting me PERFECT.

Combining it with some great company of some very funny ladies and some charming Italian waiters, I had a perfect evening at Serafina. Everything combined I will give the experience 4 stars.

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