May 04, 2013

Sandwich lunch at OA, Vejle

Back again at Onkel A (Uncle A) after a great brunch, this time trying a sandwich for lunch after a rowing tour on Vejle Fjord in brillant sun shine.

We were two rowers being hungry after 19 km´s rowing, so we decided to eat some lunch together. Our lunch was a sandwich with eggs and scrimps. One part of the sandwich brunch was covered with cottage cheese, egg, scrimps, advocado, chives and a sprinkle of curry. The other part of the sandwich bun was buttered with some sort of fresh cheese and slices of vegetable, pear and apple.

The sandwich together with a soft drink costed 119 DKK, and I has feeling full in a good way after having eated this sandwich, ready to tackle some garden activities in the lovely sunshine in the afternoon.

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