May 19, 2013

Asparagus feast at "Madhimlens Madhus" version 2013

Welcome to the asparagus feest at "Madhimlens Madhus"
Yesterday evening I went to the annual asparagus feast at "Madhimlens Madhus" together with my very good friends from Horsens as well as my cousin. The feast started out in courtyard with a glass of champagne and cutting board full of fried salmon skin, pig skin, cheese biscuits, asparagus in tempura dough and a kind of humus with burned pepper on the top. I likes most of these thing, but not the salmon skin, which really was tasting of fish, big surprise being the skin of a fish.

The cutting board full of snack
Well seated in the dining room we were served various types of bread together with whipped butter (whipped together with yogurt for extra freshness), smoked cheese and fresh cheese dip.
Bread and dips

Appetizer with asparagus

As a small appetizer we started off with thinly cut green asparagus and fish served in a parsley infused cream sauce.

First starter
As the first starter we were served marinated green asparagus in very thin slices, cured ham, egg yolk (heated at 150'C for 1½ hour) and wood sorrel. What a beautiful dish :-)

Second starter
As the second starter we got fried white asparagus, Norway lobster, green strawberries, deaf nettle topped with a whipped thin sauce. Another beautiful looking dish.

Main course
The main course was chicken from Hopballe Mølle, grilled green asparagus, spring onion, marinated red onions, wild watercress and asparagus sauce.

Even the dessert (called Bababer) was a mix of white asparagus (marinated in rhubarb cordial flavoured with vanilla, cardamon and star anise), rhubarb compote, baked dessert sauce topped with meringue drizzled with liquorice. Wonderful taste and texture experience :-)

For this meal I was paying 575  DKK incl a small wine menu (four small glasses of wine). I will give this experience 5 stars.
A little closing remark: eating asparagus brings it´s own odor to your liquid out-put, so imaging the odor in restrooms in a restaurant, where the entire guests have been eating asparagus !!!

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  1. Yes, and it is not the last time, when we will be enjoying some other great food at "Madhimlens Madhus"



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