May 07, 2013

Afternoon tea at Ladureé, Paris

Afternoon tea at Ladureé
Using the opportunity of having some hours free from work during a visit to Paris I decided to revisit Ladureé together with a good work colleague to enjoy some afternoon tea.

The windows at Ladureé are always very nice decorated just like their cake, so a trip worth on their very own. However, if you have the time you should really go inside and enjoy some of the excellent cakes, either as their or take them with you.

Religieus à la Rose
For my part of the afternoon I selected a cake called "Religieus à la Rose", which is a cream puff pastry with rose petal custard cream and raspberries. This cake really looks like a crown.

Together with my cake I also selected two mini macaroons.

As tea I selected a tea called "Thé Joséphine", which is a Chinese black tea wrapped in tangerine, grapefruit, orange and lemon, delicately enhanced by a ring of jasmine flower. An amazing wording for a cup of tea.

For a pot of tea, one and two mini macaroons I paid 20 €. It is an OK value to pay. I will this experience 4 stars.

Window decorations

Some more window decorations

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