May 21, 2013

Spring time for full volume in my kitchen garden

"Little" apple tree in full bloom
One week after my potatoes were popping their heads up in kitchen garden, they are having full speed on their growth, almost getting bigger and bigger day after day.

"Big" apple tree, rhubarbs and raspberry living in symbiosis
Besides from full speed on my potatoes, the two apple trees in my garden are in full bloom with their beautiful flowers, really bringing life into my garden. My "big" apple tree are living in symbiosis with various rhubarbs and one raspberry plant in one corner of my little park.

Among my herb pots three strawberries are also showing their small flowers bringing promises to me about future freshly harvest strawberries from my own garden.  

The only plant not really participating in this spring time for full volume is the fig tree, how was been through yet another very cold winter in my garden. I imaging the fig is considering if, it will active or not this year bearing fig fruits. I and the fig are hoping for some warm weather this summer.
Fig tree awaiting some more warm weather

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