February 12, 2014

Dinner at Scandic Grand Marina

Blinis as starter
It is can be very easy and tempting to eat at the hotel, when you are travelling and it is -15'C outside and snow everywhere. But sometimes you are better off putting on your polar outfit and get outside to find a restaurant in the neighbourhood.

Well, I did the first part during a recent business trip to Helsinki = eating at the hotel !!!

As starter I was served blinis with salmon and sour cream. I could not complain about the size of the starter, however I would have preferred the blinis to be thinner instead of being the size of Camembert size !!!

As main course I had selected pasta with mushrooms, which was another big size portion being to fatty for my preference. 

The best part of the meal turned to be the dessert, where I had selected pear pie with marzipan having a more appealing look being served together with fresh fruit.

I ended to with paying approx 45 € for the food, 1 glass of white wine and 1 cup tea. I will give this meal 2 stars, as I think the overall quality in form of taste and texture has plenty of room for improvement. No complaints on the serving sizes, which easily could feed two persons.

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