February 21, 2014

Knitted neck tube a la Søhesten

Last Winter I survived some very cold and icy weather with this knitted neck tube safely located around my neck. The brilliant thing about a neck tube is, that you can not loose it like you can loose a scarf being grab by wind. A neck can either keep your neck warm or it can cover both your neck and head, if the wind is too cold for your ears.

This neck tube is knitted in a relative simple pattern, but it is not fool proof, as the pattern is shifting on every second pin. After some search on the Internet, I found the recipe here: Søhestens halsedisse.

I used some warm, soft 100% wool for my neck tube, which is not scratching my skin.


  1. That's a pretty neck-tube!! Just like one i have looked for - but the link doesn't work :)

    1. Hi Charlotte ! Thank you for your comment concerning the link. It should be working now.



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